lynne grace

about me

I was raised on the Lancashire coast but lived all my married life in the Chiltern Hills. My ambition to live near the sea again was realised eight years ago when I moved down to the Jurassic Coast with my husband.
Water has always played a large part in my work and inspiration is always based on personal experience. I am drawn to the wild coasts of Nova Scotia, Western Ireland and now of course the beautiful Jurassic coast.
My paintings evolve by exploring the relations between abstract and representation and I am engaged in a process that merges the outdoor experience with the studio. By allowing the paint on the canvs to flow, run and diffuse I create a tension between the painted illusionary image and the material of the paint itself. By manipulating the paint I link the handmade and the random as this process takes its own form and brings an element of chance and risk into my work.
I studied Fine Art as a mature student and graduated with a BA (Hons) and continued my education by completing an MA Printmaking where I graduated with a Distinction.
My work hangs in private homes in England, Australia and Canada and I have exhibited in London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Dorset.

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